Born in Los Angeles CA, Ruba was brought up as a family oriented women. Growing up and spending alot of time around her mother Amal who is a singer, Ruba developed a passion for the art of music. At such a young age Ruba began writting music and was intrigued by hip hop/Rap. Throughout Ruba's Jr/High school years, Ruba was involved in choir and was an alto singer. Still Ruba knew her passion was in Rap music. Ruba also enjoys print modeling, being a curvy women, she hopes to inspire other women of all shapes and sizes to understand they are all beautiful regardless of the stereotype. In 2008 Ruba took part in a pageant, "Miss Asia" and was awarded as Miss Photogenic. Ruba has a special love for Dogs, in the future she would like to have her own foundation that is developed to help the abused and abandoned K-9s. Ruba will go on to take her music career and modeling to the next level.